1.) Handle Interviews

2.) Make Fire

3.) Operating a Computer

4.) Use Google Efficiently

5.) Perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver

6.) How to cook – Basics

7.) How to drive stick shift

8.) Winning or avoiding a fistfight

9.) How to deliver bad news

10.) Perform Basic First Aid

11.) How to Parallel Park

12.) How to pick good produce

13.) How to type

14.) Implement Basic Computer Security Best Practices

15.) Jump Start a Car

16.) How to navigate with a map and compass

17.)  How to be an early riser

18.) Making a good first impression

19.) How not to be camera shy

20.) Painting a Room

21.) How to Swim

22.) Handling the Police

23.) Speed Reading

24.) Remembering Names

25.) Guide to living on your own

26.) Changing a tire of a car

27.) How to persuade People

28.) How to be organized

29.) Keeping a clean house

30.) How to tie a tie